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The Utah Sports Lodge, LLC hostsUSSSA Sanctioned Tournaments. They are open to all USSSA affiliated teams, thisincludes all male and female athletes that are members or invited guests of theUtah Sports Lodge. All matches played at the Utah Sports Lodge are 3v3, 6v6 or8v8 with outdoor rules applied as modified herein.

USL accepts the following teams:

S1- A team which competesin the highest level of play in a state or region
S2- A team which competes as less than the highest level of play in a state orregion
S3- A team which competes in a local area or state
S4- A team created solely for tournament play
RT- A team that is formed in a random nature

FIFA laws of the game shallapply as modified and described herein:

Only players that are members of the Utah Sports Lodge appearing on the teamroster or travel roster will be eligible to play. Players may play on multipleteams within the same age bracket if a team has entered two teams. .

Teams must provide a tournamentroster to be used at check-in prior to each game. Rosters must be submitted atleast two days prior to your first scheduled game. Please email rosters to:     

The following items are required forplayer/coaches tournament validation and must be presented at the teamcheck-in:

A-Teamroster or Travel roster (must provide a copy to the tournament).

B-UtahSports Lodge, LLC waiver and medical release form (AmateurAthletic Waiver and Medical Release) signed by the legal guardians ofall participants. This digital form must be filled out andsigned online using our smart waiver system. The waiver is found on our web site  Note: The Utah Sports Lodgecannot accept any other waiver or medical release unless otherwise stated onthe individual information page of each tournament listed.  

C-Proofof participant's age must be available upon request (birthcertificates, passports and or drivers licenses will be accepted as proof of aplayer's age).

U6-U11(9v9) Maximum of 14 witha minimum of 8 players on a roster
U11-U15 (9v9) Maximum of 18 with a minimum of 8 players on a roster
U16-U18 Age Groups (9v9) Maximum of 18 with a minimum of 8 playerson roster
6v6 can have up to 12 players on a roster

U8-U18Teams will be allowed unlimited guest players. Player actions forms are not needed.  All players guest or otherwise must bemembers of the Utah Sports Lodge.

Unlimited substitutions will be permitted on the fly and all substitutions willbe required to enter play at the midfield:

Except for extreme extenuatingcircumstances referees will be instructed not to add injury time. If injurytime is added it will be at the sole discretion of the referee(s). Thereferee's decisions cannot be protested.

Any player or team official ejected from a match or suspended by a proper authority is prohibited from being withinsight or hearing distance of the field of play during his or her suspension.The following policies will apply for Utah Sports Lodge and USSSA SanctionedTournaments held at the USL facility. 

1-Any player or team official given two yellow cards in a single game will be considered tohave received a red card. One (1) point will be deducted for each player orteam official ejected. Ejected spectators who refuse to leave will cause theirteam to lose in a forfeit.
2-A player who is ejected (sent off) will not be replaced and will be suspendedfrom the teams next scheduled match. Coaches ejected must be replaced by aqualified coach or assistant coach.
3-A player or team official ejected for any type of violent conduct will besuspended from participation in the team's next two scheduled matches.
4-Any player or team official who assaults an official will be expelled fromthe tournament.
5-Referees will be instructed to not tolerate any type of fightingwhatsoever. This includes but is not limited to spitting, striking orattempting to strike another person. Players or team official ejected forfighting will not be permitted to participate in any further tournamentmatches.
6-In the event of a fight any player, team official or spectator entering thefield of play will be ejected from the tournament. If individuals are unable tobe identified, the entire team may be removed from the tournament withoutrefund or compensation of any type.
7-Ejections and expulsions will/may be reviewed by the tournament director oracting body who may make the final decision based on the policies aslisted.

If a referee has deemed it necessaryto suspend a game for any reason, the game may be resumed but is subject to endno later than five minutes prior to the next scheduled game. Points willbe awarded based on the time played and may not be protested if the game wasnot played to the full allotted time.

All coaches accept full responsibilityfor the conduct of their players and spectators at all times.
1-Coaches must remain 5 yards of either side of the centerhalf mark.
2-Coaches, players and spectators must not use profanity, derogatory remarks orgestures toward any other referee, player, coach or spectator.
3-Home team/coaches shall be to the right of the center half mark andguest team/coaches shall be to the left of the centermark. Spectators of the home team shall be on the opposite side of thefield left of the center mark and guest team's spectators shall be on theopposite side of the field right of the center mark.
4-Home team chooses which side of the field they prefer
5-Home team provides the game ball and will be subject to the referee'sapproval
6-Team must come equipped with both a "home" and "away"jersey. The home team is required to change if there is a conflict incolors. Visiting teams are permitted to request home team to change if theyfeel colors are similar (example: orange/red, dark blue/black). Home teams areobligated to switch to their alternate jersey. Referees will be instructed thatany home team unable or unwilling to change will lose in a forfeit or at thereferees discretion the referee may permit the home team to wear pinnies ifalternate jerseys are not available.
7-Coaches are responsible for any litter or garbage on or off the fields. Theymust ensure that players and spectators have cleared their trash and have putit in the appropriate garbage container.

Players are required to wear propersoccer and safety equipment. This includes a numbered jersey, shorts,proper cleats, shin guards, and socks. Players should come with appropriateunder clothing to wear in cases of cold or inclement weather. Clothing withzippers, buttons, snaps, loose strings and hoods, are not permitted. Metal hairclips, earrings, bracelets, or any type of jewelry in any part of the body isnot safe or acceptable during a match. It will be at the referee's discretionto determine the safety and suitability of the player's equipment including thewearing of casts and hard braces.

GAMES (Each team will be guaranteeda minimum of three games)
U6-U9 6v6  40-50 min. games (2 min. halftime)
U10-U18 + adult 9v9 50- min. games (2 min. halftime)

No overtime in preliminary qualifying games
Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of three games. Games will beplayed in two - seven days (generally Friday, Saturday and Monday unlessotherwise specified). Teams can expect three qualifying matches on weekdayswith no Sunday play unless otherwise noted by the tournament. Brackets mayor may not have a semi-final game. Generally all final games will be played onSaturday’s.

Games will be based on the“EZFacility” internal scoring system, please see  click “schedules and standings” or "Tournaments"

Tie breakers to determine which teammoves on at the end of bracket play will be based on the following:
2-The winner in head to head competition
3-Score difference
4-Fewest goals against
5-Most total wins
6-Least losses
7-If a tie still exists: FIFA Penalty Kicks From the Mark will be taken  .
8-In the event that there is a three-way tie after steps 1-7 have been taken,the teams will participate in a three-way coin toss. The two teams that tie inthe coin toss will participate in Kicks from the Mark first. The winnerwill then move on to participate in Kicks From the Mark with the 3rd team. Thewinner will advance into the semi-finals. The coin toss and FIFA Penalty Kickswill be determined at the fields.
8-Criteria 2-7 will be used to determine ties with a wild card team

Tie breaking in semi-final andchampionship games: At the end of regulation play thewinner will be determined by FIFAPenalty Kicks from the Mark. Only the 8 (6 for 6v6) players on the field at theend of the overtime period will be permitted to participate in the PenaltyKicks. 

1- Teams who fail to submittheir tournament roster will forfeit
2- Team which cause a game to be terminated will forfeit
3- Teams who fail to report to the field ready to play within five minutes ofthe scheduled kick-off time will forfeit
4-Home teams unable or unwilling to supply an alternate jersey will forfeit
Teams with a forfeit will be scored as a 1-0 loss

The Utah Sports Lodge, LLC and Tournament Hosts will make every effortto ensure that teams are able to participate and play in all scheduled games.Games generally will not be cancelled and coaches, players and spectatorsshould come prepared with warm clothing and or any other items they may need tomaintain comfort and safety. If the safety to the players along with the safetyor damage to the fields is compromised The Utah Sports Lodge, LLC andTournament Hosts reserve the right to modify all tournament rules in orderto safely and fairly end the tournament.

Contingency Plan: (Note: Coaches and team managers should ensure thatthey have provided the tournament with current contact information preferablycell phone numbers capable of receiving text messages. Shouldcontingency plans need be taken. Coaches should be prepared to attend atournament/coaches meeting)

1-Shorten scheduled games
2-If conditions permit games may be rescheduled for another day or time
3-If fields are unplayable it may be necessary to decide some or all gameswith FIFA Penalty Kicks From the Mark.

The Utah Sports Lodge, LLC and TournamentHosts may accept or invite "Guest Teams" in order to fill a bracketor division. US Utah Youth Soccer and Tournament Hosts also reserve the right to combine age groups  to secure bracketsand divisions.

Referees have the jurisdiction ofthe game and conduct therein for which they are assigned; therefore tournamentofficials will not overrule a referee's decision.

Any dispute off the field ofplay will be settled by the Tournament Director or designated representative,all decisions will be final.

Protests will not be permitted inthis tournament. Utah Sports Lodge, LLC and Tournaments host's directorsreserves the right to review any issues pertaining to the said tournamentbut does not guarantee any type of decision or outcome.

Thank You for Participating inUtah Sports Lodge Tournaments! Please address any questions orcomments to:

Mail may be sent to:
12432 S Meadow Spring Ln
Riverton, UT 84065
Phone: 801-784-1091
Fax: 801-784-1092



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