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HS Girls

-1st Session Schedules are posted for brackets with 4+ Teams
-2nd Session Schedules coming soon!
-3rd Session is March only, two games a week and the price has been reduced to $400 per team. Time slots still available for 3rd sessions ALL AGES! 
-Great field, outdoor experience, all inside

Session #2

Youth Coed Mini (Schedule posted above)
1-Razzia Strikers FC MS
2-USL Sharks DV
3-USL Rebels RH

Youth 10/11 Coed (Schedule posted above)
1-Xileration DB
2-USL Ninjas DV 
3-USL Avengers RH

Boys U9/U10 (Schedule posted above)

1-Razzia Anaya FC RA
2-USA White Team RO
3-Razzia Rage Red FC MS
4-USA Red AB
5-Razzia Rage Black FC MS

Girls U10/U11
1-Utah FC 02G JP
2-USA Blue BF
3-Arsenal BB
4-Celtic Storm Green MW
5-Celtic Storm White JM
6-Utah Glory 03 Black WB
7-USA White RL

Girls U11/U12
1-Blue Knights JW
2-Razzia FC Sparks SC
3-La Roca South SB
4-Utah Glory TS
5-Revolution DL
6-Impact JM

U10/11 Boys
1-USA Silver DE
2-USA Red DD
3-Fusion 02 SP
4-USA White SL
5-Razzia Ruff Ryders RD

U11 Boys Premier
1-USA Red 02 CJ
2-Blue Knights Premier Blue MV
3-Blue Knights Premier White MV
4-USA Alliance Rebels JW
5-Sparta 03 SJ
6-Murray Max CS

Boys U12 (Schedule posted above)
1-Razzia Renegades J
2-Fusion SC SOS Silver JP
3-Strikers DP
4-Razzia Raptorzz CI

Boys U13
1-Blue Knights Premier MV
2-Sparta KS
3-Arsenal BB
4-Arsenal BB1
5-Arsenal SC RE1
6-Arsenal SC RE2
7-USA White DE
8-Sparta 00 PL
9-Sparta 99 Premier LS
10-Sparta 99 DS

Girls U14
1-Arsenal PP
2-Razzia firestorm TA

U14/U15 Boys
1-AC Milan UA
2-Razzia Salt Lake TO
3-AC Milan UA
4-International Kids H
5-International Kids S

6-Razzia Tsunami VN

HS Boys
1-Razzia Revolution BT
2-Blue Knights HF
3-Revolution DL
5-Dub J United AR

HS Girls Click here for schedule: 
1-Shooters JT
2-Murray Max Black FZ
3-Murray Max Orange FZ
4-Blue Knights LS
5-USA All-Stars MM
6-Sparta 97 DS
7-USA Warriors SR

Session #3 (Begins in March- two games a week, 6 games price reduced to $400)

HS Girls
1-Murray Max Black FZ
2-Murray Max Orange FZ
4-Sparta 97 DS

Session #1

Boys U11 Gold (Schedule Posted Above)
1-La Roca Premier HW
2-USA White SJ
3-Murray Max Orange CS
4-Blue Knights Select MJ

Boys U10/11 Silver (Schedule Posted Above)
1-Blue Knights Select KS
2-Razzia FC Lightning RO
3-Murray Max Black CS
4-Blue Knights AW
5-Razzia Ruff Ryders JB
6-H20 QS

Boys U14/15 (Schedule Posted Above Revised 11/1)
1-Razzia Falcons MD

2-Blue Knights 99 LS
3-Razzia Salt Lake TO
4-Razzia Tsunami VN
5-USA White 99 Team 1 SA
6-USA White 99 Teams 2 SA
7-International FFC GG
8-Razzia Blitz JW

Girls U14/U15 (Schedule Posted Above Revised 11/3)
1-USA Revolution HS
2-Blue Knights 99 Select Blue MS
3-USA Freedom NB
4-Blue Knights MM

HS Boys (Schedule posted Above)
1-Riverton HS 1 GH
2-USA Red Gold LN
3-USA Whtie Silver LN
4-Razzia Revolution BT
5-Riverton HS 2 GH
6-Riverton HS 3 GH
7-The Elite Razzia Revolution AR
8-Razzia Ruff Ryders Red J
9-Razzia Ruff Ryders JB

HS Girls
1-Blue Knights LS


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