Posted by Robert Horn on Nov 14 2015 at 04:00PM PST

Why every competitive soccer team in Utah  should be 
 training and playing  all winter long at the 
Utah Sports Lodge...

It's really no secret that Utah soccer teams 
generally struggle in 
winter traveling tournaments. 
Of course we're at a severe disadvantage 
when playing against
California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and even Florida teams.

Can you even image a coach from one of these states
 telling their team:
 Big tournament coming up, let's all meet at the indoor gym or let's all 
go play walled soccer. It's almost laughable, but we here in Utah do it...

Winter hits and we all head indoor's to the small gyms
warehouses, churches, arena soccer and futsal facilities. 
Then we just can't undersand it when our teams don't
perform as well at these tournaments. 

It's all we've really had in the past right, but...
Ask yourself:
Do I want be a great arena soccer Player? 
Do I want to be a great Futsal Player? 
Do I want to be a GREAT outdoor soccer player?

Really, what kind of team are you training your team to be?  

If you answered outdoor soccer player then the Utah Sports Lodge
is the only place to be during the Utah Winters!

Think it's expensive? Think again! $250 get's you 22 training sessions on 1/2 a field!
That's the entire winter from the end of Oct.-March!
Still think it's expensive? Consider this...How much will you spend on 
just one 3 day traveling tournament this winter? After entry fee, transportation, 
food, hotel and entertainment you're looking at a minimum of $300 but 
potentially $600-$1000 per player. Now how much collectively as a team?
$5000, $10,000? What if families go, $20,000, $30,000 or more!

Why would anyone spend that kind of money to go play in a tournament unprepared? 
It makes no sense and even if you're on a die-hard team that trains out-door all 
winter long, you'll still never get the quality training. You're either dressed to the T
with restrictive clothing or shivering with cold cramped muscles.

Even if you don't travel, to be able to train on an outdoor field 
in a controlled environment all winter long certainly can't 
hurt your spring season...

If you just want to get your heart pumping then any old place will do. 
If you want to stay outdoor game ready then USL is the only place to be!
The proof is in the performance
and that my friends is why every serious soccer team should be
training and playing at the Utah Sports Lodge!


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