Terms of Use and USL Refund Policy

Posted by Robert Horn on Nov 19 2015 at 04:00PM PST
Payment, Fees and Refunds
The Utah Sports Lodge is a pre-pay facility. Pre-payment in full is required prior to use for all memberships, rentals, leagues, tournaments, open play and other use of the facility. A 20% deposit may be paid to hold a block of time for the following winter each year March 1st - June 1st. Remaining balances must be paid by June 30. Deposits will be forfeited if balances are not paid by the June 30th deadline.  

All payments must be made online using our "Active Network" system

Membership payments must be made online by each individual (parent/guardian) and are non-refundable.   

-Memberships Registration run:
  $36 Summer April - September Youth/Adult Unlimited use dawn-dark excluding special events  
  $36 Winter October - March  Youth Open play Mon & Wed 5:00-6:30PM
  $60 + $10/day/participant Winter October - March  Open Play between 4-9PM M-F, 8AM-9PM Sat.
  $110 Winter Oct.- March Unlimited Open Play in the dome during open play times Mon. - Sat. 9-11:30PM
  $150 Unlimited Open Play for 12 month period during Open Play times    

-Memberships, Rentals, Leagues, Tournaments and Special Events:  All sales, registrations, rentals, leagues, tournaments & other use are considered final and without refund.  Should the facility be deemed unusable by fire, flood, earthquake, wind or other unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances, the Utah Sports Lodge will issue a credit for unused time that may be given for use at another time or location.

Processing Fees charged by Active Network cannot be refunded however USL will issue a credit or free/open play time in place of the non-refundable processing fee.

Note: USL does not guarantee league & tournament days, times and opponents nor that the opponent in the league/tournament games will not forfeit their schedule game(s). USL cannot take scheduling requests and therefore these are not valid reasons for a refund. In some instances/circumstances (at the discretion of USL) additional league games, tournament games, rental times or other use may be given in place of refunds to accommodate a scheduling error, no-show by opposing team or referee or other issue.

Should an individual or team forfeit a league/tournament game or file a back-charge on a credit card transaction for any reason after payment has been received or issues a check with insufficient funds, and payment cannot be recovered, USL reserves the right to ban all future use of the facility to the individual, representative, coach, manager, player(s) and team/group to whom they are team members or participants. A $25 returned check fee will be added for all returned checks. Issuing parties of back-charges and or returned checks will be responsible for collection, mediation and or attorneys fees associated with the collection of fees owed.

If the Utah Sports Lodge allows future use of the facility by such parties, it will be determined on repayment of past fees owed and all future transactions will be based on a $300 cash bond, pre-pay of services, and a cash, no refund policy. USL may also enforce such a policy on any and all teams under the same group, club or team name and or any future teams with different names that have the same manager, coach, trainer, representative or player(s).    

Rentals, leagues and tournaments acceptance are considered secure and final based on the completion of the following:

1-*An agreed upon rental block of days/times (email or Invoice confirmation)
2-*USL being added as an additional insured to UYSA or your specific sport/association (Rentals)
3-A signed USL rental/use agreement submitted to USL (Part of the registration/payment process)
4-A roster for all teams/groups you are booking for (Rentals, Leagues & Tournaments)
5-A weekly schedule of planned use if you have booked for multiple teams (Rentals)
6-**All participants have registered for at least a basic USL membership (Rentals)
7-All rental, league and or tournament fees have been paid in full by the date posted.
8-A Signed waiver has been received from each participant (Rentals, Leagues, Tournaments)
9-All participants will be issued a USL ID card for weekly check-in. Cards must be kept indefinitely. The first card is free, replacement cards are $5, new cards will be issued at the first scheduled rental or league. USL ID cards are not needed for USL  Tournaments.
*Rentals only, this additional insured form must be submitted to USL prior to use.
**Participants must register for the membership by Oct 1 for winter rentals or no less than 30 days prior to use for other events to guarantee admittance into the USL facility. Groups of more than 100 may be asked to have participants register 60-90 days prior to Oct. 1. Some exceptions apply but only upon written approval from USL. Guest or invited participants (those not listed on your original roster) may be within the 30 day period but not less than 5 days prior to use provided fees have been paid and a parent/guardian have filled out and signed the USL waiver.

-All sales are final and without refund


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